Why do I have to see a Physician?  Why can’t I see my GP?

GP’s aren’t specialist trained

Our Physicians have specific peri operative training

It’s to assess the risk and for your safety

To ascertain is it safe and fitness to proceed

To ensure a smooth recovery as possible

Better outcomes


How long will it take?

An appointment with one of our physicians will take between 45 minutes to a 1 hour


Why do I need to complete a form prior to my visit?

A peri operative questionnaire will be sent to you to complete and return.

This is to gain your full history

It is the first time our Doctors will see you


What does it involve?

A thorough examination, health check and to assess your particular risk, assess for your safety and to ensure a smooth recovery.  You will also be visited by one of our Physicians whilst in hospital to ensure the above and a better outcome.


Why do I have to?

Your surgeon has requested that you be assessed by one of our Physicians so that you can have a full health review and assessment by a Specialist Physician before your procedure and will then advise your surgeon if fit to proceed with the procedure.


This assessment ensures that any concurrent medical conditions are detected and managed early and to reduce the potential of any complications around the time of surgery.


Having a specialist physician involved in care of patients requiring major surgery is now a standard of practice to improve the outcome of surgery and to make the hospital stay as safe and seamless as possible.

What is QPC?

Queensland Physician Care (QPC) provides comprehensive Specialist medical care.  With Specialist Physicians and Geriatricians, we provide a model of care that offers a range of services for acute and chronic illness in the adult population.

QPC has a commitment to being patient centric while also recognising the individual patient in the broader context of their family and they wider community.


Who are the Doctors involved in the Peri Op Program?

The Doctors involved in the Peri Op Program are;

Dr Kylie Johnson who is the pioneer and the lead of this unique service offered to surgeons to assess their patients prior to surgery.

Dr John Gowardman

Dr Yassmin Kahdra

Dr Joanne Teh

The above Physicians and some of our other Physicians at Queensland Physician Care will visit you whilst in hospital ensuring a smooth recovery as possible.